Skye 2017

My journey through Scotland is over now. Yesterday we arrived at Munich airport, my suitcase filled with TESCO’s vegan cheese and my mood beyond sad.
It’s always the same with such wonderful trips: you get used to traveling, get used to the mountains and hills, to the landscapes, to waking up next to the sea, to hearing the sound of the ocean, to discovering new places and cities.

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And then you have to go. And even though it’s not your greatest dream to spend your whole life at that place, you just don’t want to leave yet, because there are many more things to get used to and to get knowledge of.

So I write this blogpost while I wish myself back to the place I’m writing about… The Isle of Skye.
People say it’s a smaller version of Scotland. If you have seen Skye, you have seen Scotland. I can’t give an opinion on that view, because I haven’t seen enough of Scotland’s countryside, but what I’ve seen on Skye was so wonderful that pictures can’t really capture the actual view.


On Skye we were interested in landscapes and mountains. So we went hiking, packed with our cameras and cereal bars. Essential for our trips were good walking boots, because it often rains and the soil is really slobbery.

We went up the Storr to see the Old Man of Storr, a towering stone on the mountain. Up there it was quite cloudy and foggy, so the sun didn’t hit the stone, but the fog actually created an interesting atmosphere. A windbreaker is definitely as necessary up there as good walking boots! The way up and down is not very hard, but you should watch out for wet stones as you may slip on them.


Not far from the Storr there is a waterfall called Kilt Rock. The cliff there is 60 metres high and so is the waterfall. For me it was not really a pleasure to look down there, but it still was quite impressive. You can also enjoy a great view across the ocean and into the sea. There’s a handrail so when you’re just a little bit afraid of heights (like me) it may be helpful for you.


A second awesome spot to walk and take pictures of is Quiraing. You can take a walk of approximately six hours around Quiraing, but it seems to be pretty difficult. We only drove there, went up another hill across to Quiraing, because the view from there is exceptional and you can shoot great photos. A landslip formed Quiraing and it consists of salient rocks and famous cliffs.
Because of that it’s hard to get a parking spot… You drive up the hill and if you don’t get a parking spot at one of the parking areas it’s difficult to turn around due to the narrow street.

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Fairy Glen

If you want to take an easy walk, visit Fairy Glen. It’s a small landscape of hills which are formed in a very specific way. It’s called Fairy Glen, because people are saying that the fairies did their best to make the landscape look lovely – in my opinion they definitely succeeded.

On the Isle of Skye I also saw seals for the first time in my life. They’re hanging around at the bays of Dunvegan castle, relaxing. You can have somebody take you there by boat, but you can also take field glasses with you, then you don’t disturb them even though they seem to be used to people and boats.

And for my vegan subscribers: When you visit the Isle of Skye, stop at Cafesia. It’s a gorgeous place that offers vegan pizza, vegan sandwiches, some other vegan meals and also many gluten-free dishes. I loved the little restaurant with great friendly staff.

So, that was my trip to Scotland. I’m not really happy to come back into my daily life after what I’ve experienced and seen in Scotland. And I deeply wish to come back someday and to discover more of Scotland and especially the Scottish highlands.

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Landscapes in the Scottish Highlands

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