Edinburgh 2017

Currently I’m visiting Scotland with my parents and my sister. Since last Saturday we’re in Edinburgh and tomorrow we’ll drive to Inverness. I’ve never been to Edinburgh before and in my opinion the city really has charm. The architecture of the old houses in Edinburgh and the construction of the whole city holds a certain fascination for me. And there are great restaurants with vegan options or a totally vegan menu.

We arrived at the airport of Glasgow and drove from there to Edinburgh. On our way we saw two castles: Stirling Castle and Doune Castle. The first one was really crowded, but you had a great view from the castle wall. And the second will be known to most as a shooting location from Game of Thrones or Outlander.
Actually a big reason why my family is traveling to Scotland this summer is the series Outlander. Many castles we were visiting appear in the series that I haven’t seen. At the moment they’re trying to enthuse me with it and in my opinion it’s not bad, but I don’t like the setting of the story very much.

Well, but I wanted to travel with my family again and I’ve never been to Scotland. So I thought it might be a pleasant travel destination. And by now I can’t complain, Edinburgh is a gorgeous city. On our first day we visited some memorials, sightseeing stuff and to my great joy Henderson’s Vegan. It has great cakes and desserts and there also was a live pianist playing. I haven’t seen that for quite some time, so I was pleasantly surprised. He played awesome and I would’ve liked to talk to him, because he seemed to be very nice.

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Pier of Blackness Castle

At the next day we drove out of Edinburgh to visit more castles from Outlander. The one that really delighted me was called Blackness Castle or „Ship that never sailed“. It has the silhouette of a boat, the front targeted at the sea.
It was quite cold, windy and cloudy, therefore an even more adventurous atmosphere. I don’t know, but the sea always attracts me. I like watching the water and when I’m standing high above it, it’s something different.

On our way back we went shopping in a TESCO Superstore. In those you can find vegan food that’s rare in Germany (at least in Munich) such as „fishless fingers“. I bought some stuff, because I doubt I’ll find great vegan food in Inverness or on The Isle of Skye. There was also icecream by Alpro I haven’t seen in Germany yet.


Well, and today I had my tasting-day: After we visited Edinburgh Castle I totally focused on vegan food. First, we ate at Daylight Robbery, a restaurant with vegan options. Actually I had hoped for vegan fish’n’chips, but I was disappointed. They took it from the menu, so I ate deep-fried cauliflower, called Cauliflower Popcorn instead, which was also a great choice. My dad went for a vegan jackfruit-burger, also delicious.

Our second restaurant was Holy Cow. It’s completely vegan and offers warm food as well as cake. For the first time since I visited the USA as a vegetarian I had Red Velvet Cake – vegan of course. And that was just awesome. The peanutbutter-chocolate-cake my mum had was as fantastic as the fruit-chocolate-cake my dad ate. We were all satisfied, especially me, because I’m even more happy about my food when my family also likes it. I have to say, I was scared that our differences in food choices would complicate our holidays, but most of the time they’re eating vegan with me. That’s cool and sadly it’s not normal that friends and family adjust their food to yours.

Great Red Velvet Cake at Holy Cow

And now on my last evening in Edinburg, I’m enjoying something I thought I would never have. Some time ago I saw an advertisement on Instagram for booja booja-icecream. I looked for it, but in Germany I didn’t find it in any shop or supermarket. Here I finally found it, even my preferred flavour: salted caramel. So, I will have that icecream with my family now and hopefully I’ll write some more about my trip to Scotland soon.

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4 Kommentare zu „Edinburgh 2017

  1. We´re going to visit Edinburgh as well in september and we are very excited! We´ve already made a list with vegan restaurants to vistit <3

    1. Well, there’s one vegan foodspot I didn’t mention: I wanted to eat at The Baked Potato Shop, but I didn’t make it due to a limited amount of time. I think that’s a vegan restaurant worth trying, so if that’s not on your list already, maybe you can go there. 😉 I’m sure you’ll have a great time in Edinburgh. If you’re interested in the history of scotland maybe it does make sense to look at that page, where you can get the scotland explorer pass. We have already been saving quite some money using it: https://www.historicenvironment.scot/visit-a-place/explorer-passes/

      1. The Baked Potatoe is definitely on our list ;) We´re just for 3 days in the city, then we´re going up to the Isle of Skye, and even there are vegan options <3 I´ll take a look at the pass, thank you!

      2. Oh, on Saturday we’ll drive to the Isle of Skye, too. Haven’t searched for vegan options there yet, but I’m definitely going to do that the next days 😊

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