Vegan Inspiration (Pt. 2)


I decided today is the perfect day for giving you some vegan inspiration again. The last time I recommended some blogs to you that I love. They’re all focused on vegan cooking, some of them also have a vegan baking section. And today I will post some more vegan baking inspiration: Three of my most beloved baking blogs.
For my english-speaking readers: Sadly only the last one is written in english.

I’ll start with the blog cake invasion. The recipes coming from Shia have never disappointed me. One of my highlights definitely is the vegan Apple Pie that’s simple and a real hit at parties. The blog provides a big recipe overview: The recipes can be sorted after kind of pastry, after needed equipment and – most important: after nutrition. So, basically you have all the recipes without nuts or without soy or gluten on one sight. Also there is a extra section for no bake recipes or recipes with fruits or chocolate, so you also can choose after preference. The design for the blog is a little too pink for me, but that doesn’t keep me from visiting it very often and that’s also not something to bother me. Because her photos are great and as you know photos are very important for me when choosing a recipe I’ll try out. Sadly the blog is not vegan-only. Sometimes I’m searching around and I find a great recipe that sounds awesome and then I see that it’s not vegan. But most recipes are vegan and in Shia’s self-description she also writes she doesn’t eat eggs anymore. That makes vegan baking even simpler. All in all, I really adore this blog and also Shia who puts so much work and effort into that blog.

The second blog I want to recommend is a blog called baking the law. So many recipes on it I haven’t tried yet, for example the Zimtstern-Torte. But I have a list for recipes on this blog I want to do soon. The blog comes with a special attitude: „Vegan For FETT“, in english it’s „vegan for fat“ and that makes it likeable for me immediately. There a bunch of non-healthy calorie bombs can be found easily, for example the Oreo-Peanutbutter-Brownie-Cake. When I’m tired of all those „No, I bake without sugar“-Bla I just go there and find the one recipe that makes me happy again. Also, you can find some pretty cool veganized classics like Linzertorte. What makes that blog one of my favourites it the attitude and the fact that there are recipes on it that make you lying around, unable to move after eating cake. So, thank you, Jasmin, for all the great hours of baking and eating and feeling like dying. Sadly, I don’t know if the blog gets updated anymore, because the last post is from 2015. But I’m still hoping…

If you want to be able to get behind a recipe you definitely should visit I have learned so much about cakes, baking, tempering chocolate, butter, and all that stuff that makes it possible to know how baking really works. The blog offers you recipes for ingredients like caramel sauce or vegan butter and has great tips for your vegan kitchen and food bloggers. Also you can read which oils are best for vegan baking or what’s behind chickpea flour and how to use it. One of my favorite posts was „How to Veganize a Cake Recipe – The Food Science behind Vegan Cakes“ and you should definitely read it. Overall the blog is a great help for creating your own recipes and starting professional baking. And of course it has awesome cake and sweets recipes there, too, even though I haven’t tried many yet. So, if you’re interested in baking not just because of the result (which is completely understandable, too), visit the blog and start reading. And if you wonder how to make a frosting or a sauce or some breakfast stuff, just visit the section „Vegan Baking Recipes“ and you’ll find everything you need.


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