Recommending: Martha

It’s the story of
A lonely kid who fell in love
When you spray painted ‘ACAB’ on the wall
Of the local village hall“ – Curly & Raquel, Martha

a3068623356_10A few weeks ago a friend of mine showed „Present, Tense“ by the band Martha to me. I was thrilled, so I listened to the album „Blisters In The Pit Of My Heart“ (2016) – and after that to „Courting Strong“ (2014). Normally a week later I would’ve got enough of them, but that wasn’t the case. Still, everytime I listen to their recent album I love it.

First, musical features: I would say the genre of Martha is something between Punk and Indie Pop (but I’m not an expert on categorizing music). Their songs often consist of catchy, but not boring melodies. It’s various, sometimes they work with simple earworm-material and plain beats, sometimes you’ll listen to quiet songs, basically vocals attended by one acoustic guitar.

Contentual Martha is a political band, full of discontent and unrest. Their message sometimes may seem to be hidden between emotional lines, but actually I think those emotional lines are the best way to express what needs to be said. A painful individual meets a cold-blooded reality, full of injustice and discrimination. So, the emotions in Martha’s songs are highly political!

The album „Blisters In The Pit Of My Heart“ includes a very diverse range of feelings and topics and a even more diverse range to express those. A huge spectrum of conditions can be found in the different songs – I think in one or another line you’ll find yourself.

Especially I want to recommend the songs „Curly & Raquel“ (from which the quote above is extracted) and „St. Paul’s (Westerberg Comprehensive)“. Both very different from each other, both meaning- and powerful!

They wrote a letter to your parents
They caught you kissing on the bus
But when they asked you said nothing
Those lines are not for crossing
The damage has been done“ – St. Paul’s (Westerberg Comprehensive), Martha


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