Vegan Inspiration (Pt. 1)

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In my apartment in Hamburg some things needed for baking are missing, so there won’t be a recipe this month. But I thought about my most beloved blogs, the ones, that I visit really often. So here’s the first part of my collection of vegan inspirational content.

Of course some blogs are missing, so I’ll give more recommendations another time. And I definitely will introduce some other blogs about veganism to you, that are not focused on recipes like those I recommend now. Also there are some food blogs focused on baking and cake recipes. Those I’ll feature in another extra post.

Sadly the blogs listed below aren’t always free from healthy food content. I’m always looking for new not healthy food content, so if you know about really good blogs filled with vegan junk food and other unhealthy stuff, just tell me!
In this post I will only feature Blogs which are pure vegan, because I hate being on a blog, seeing a picture of tasty looking food and then realizing that it’s just vegetarian. Maybe you feel that way, too.

When I start researching on stuff I want to bake or cook, one of the first blogs I look at is Minimalist Baker. It is made by Dana Shultz, who also published two books with recipes. Beyond the category „recipes“ you can find a fair bit of vegan recipes for meals and also for sweets, cakes, snacks, everything well-assorted.
What I really love about this blog is the way Dana is doing her pictures. In my opinion she’s an excellent food photographer and because of those good photos I love scrolling around on her blog, just looking at that awesome food. Mostly I like her salads, sweets and breakfast stuff. Sometimes she posts recipes with three or five ingredients or those you can do in 5 minutes. For people with few time like me those are eyecatchers.

I also really adore eat this!, mostly because of their photos and love for food bowls. Even though I’m not eating those that much, because I have the feeling it always needs horribly much ingredients to create one of those, I like the inspiration I’m getting through these. Nadine and Jörg, the faces behind the blog, are not that focused on cakes and sweets, which I actually like, because I think there are more vegan food blogs on baking than on other food.
It is a german blog, so people who are living in Germany (like me) can be sure the ingredients they’re using can be found in a german supermarket (because sometimes special ingredients you can buy in the USA or elsewhere is not available in Germany). What I really enjoy is them working with vegetables that much, because I love vegetables and always want to try them in different ways. So I highly recommend their blog and also their account on Instagram!

An all-around-blog with political self-conception is Vegan Guerilla. There you can find recipes for all needs and further. Sarah informs about her journeys, vegan campains, books, movies and events in different cities. So it’s not just a foodblog, it’s actually a blog about veganism I think. And she does it pretty well, I really like the way she promotes political veganism. And I was looking for healthy food content, but there I didn’t find much of it. So thank you, Sarah, for doing it so much better than many other vegan bloggers!

As you may have noticed, I love, love, love sweets, desserts and of course: cupcakes. Cupcakes, give me cupcakes! Squirrel of Nom does it. It has an extra site for cupcakes I often visit when I’m sad, because cupcakes sometimes help. When I went vegan I couldn’t imagine great vegan cupcakes. And then I discovered that blog where cupcakes are not just cupcakes with a topping, but sometimes filled with horribly tasty stuff. I just want to bake all of the recipes.
You can also find an extra site for desserts which you definitely should look at. I loved the recipe for vegan toffifee, because everything that involves vegan caramel is great. I hope especially the desserts- and cupcakes-site will get more and more recipes, because that stuff is awesome.
If you’re not so crazy about it, look at the other cool recipes and also at the kitchen basics, which can be very helpful, too.


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