Unplugged: Hamburg 2016

By now, nearly all german-speaking blogs I read regularly went into recess for the summer. I went there in some way myself, but not in the way you might think.
Since July 31st, I have been staying in Hamburg where the weather is often rainy and cold (although not these days, I had to sweat at 28 degrees Celsius). Currently I’m doing an internship at a journal which is pretty cool, because I get to know so many things I can use later. So, there is no summerbreak for me, but six hours of work every day without payment. After work my seminar papers are waiting for me. Six hours might not sound like fun, but actually it’s okay, because the work is really interesting and inspirational and if I have nothing to do I can do other stuff.

Nevertheless I’m having a great time here, because Hamburg is the only city in Germany I can imagine to live in. Over years during holiday I have discovered awesome places to hang out and to go, I love the famous harbour, some areas like Schanzenviertel or St. Pauli. I can go for a meal and actually will easily find something vegan (or more easily than in Munich). In Hamburg just walking around is kind of interesting. Of course, because I don’t know the area that much, but also because it’s full of surprises and the whole structure and outlook is different. You can definitely find much more street art and graffiti here which – especially for me – makes it more joyful to walk around and look at the walls.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

And of course the problems I have in Munich are gone for a while. Not as far as I had hoped, because I get bad messages sometimes, but at least I’m not that directly confronted with them now.
Nevertheless I spend much time thinking and planning. When I come home some things will change. About some changes I’m very happy and I will try to encourage those changes actively. For example I want to get my zine published I’m currently writing texts for. At the end of the year it will hopefully be printed and I’ll spend much more time producing it after my return in October. And some changes frighten me horribly and I have to think about possible dealings with that sort of new situation. I will be confronted with the appearance of a person I definitely never wanted to be confronted with anymore. There will be struggles and fights for my rights and there will be days I’ll really feel bad. So I’m trying to prepare myself (you know, exercise sports and defending myself a little bit harder, collecting music for bad times, making lists with things I should do when I’m desperate, stuff like that). And I think in the end it will work out somehow.

Also I really got into that bullet journaling thing. Everything is clearly organized now and that makes me happy. I’m crazy about adding little niceties to my journal and everyday I have new ideas for my journal-design. Actually I hope I can use them when I’ll produce my zine, too. Another really good thing about being far away from home and friends and family for a while is the free time I suddenly have. Of course I hang around with people sometimes and some friends came to Hamburg and visited me, but I don’t have that much plannings for the evening. So I have time to read, to write, to spend time at the harbour or elsewhere outside or on the internet.

I went to Hamburg not only for the internship. I wanted to clean my head, create space for new and realise some old projects and I wanted to create distance to Munich and my daily routine there. Now I realise how much I needed that and how good it feels to be gone for a while.
Of course I know that not everybody has the possibility to take some time off and drive away, because it costs a lot of money (I had to save money for a long time). But if you need it and you get the chance, take it! Maybe it will help you as it has helped me.

When I’m back in Munich at the beginning of October I will give some tips to you what to do and where to eat vegan in Hamburg. Something like a best of two months there.